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With the unseasonable weather we have been having, the Bristol Water and Sewer Department will begin our Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing earlier than expected this year. Typically hydrant flushing does not start until late March or early April, but we hope to begin in February this year. Flushing notices will no longer be published in the local newspapers this year. Notification of areas to be flushed will be posted on our Website, Facebook page and Twitter account. We will also send our E-Mail notifications of areas being flushed.

Anyone who would like to receive email notification can sign up through our website or at the following link:


Last year when we advertised in the newspaper, notices stated that this year we would be moving away from notices in the paper due to timeliness, increased cost and reduced subscriptions. Unfortunately increased advertising costs in the newspaper over the past few years have made it a cost prohibited way to get our information out.

Thank you and we look forward to an Early Spring!

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The Bristol Water Department would like to send a Huge Congratulations to Cassidy Yates who received a $5,000 scholarship today at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference!

Cassidy, a Bristol native, took a tour of our Water Treatment Plant in 6th grade. Upon graduating high school, Cassidy reached out to Superintendent Robert Longo asking if she could shadow one of our employees to get a better understanding of the water industry before going to college. Cassidy spent a day with Assistant Superintendent Dan Bolduc at the plant and Dan covered some of the day to day responsibilities of a water treatment operator along with the many different employment opportunities in the Water Industry.

Assistant Superintendent Bolduc later introduced Cassidy to a colleague who was looking for an intern in the water industry. Cassidy interned with Aquarion Water Company in Western Connecticut while also perusing a degree in Engineering at the University of New Hampshire.

Today in Denver Colorado, Cassidy was recognized by Mueller Water Products and awarded their prestigious “Mueller Continuing Education Scholarship”.

We were happy to watch Cassidy walk across the stage to receive her award during the Water Industry Luncheon attended by over 1,000 water professionals from around the world.

Congratulations again Cassidy Yates for your achievement and representing Bristol!!!






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Robert Longo

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