Explanation Of Sewer Usage Billing


The city is divided into three billing districts:

Each district is billed four times per year at the same time as the Water bills for drinking water usage.  These services include reading meters, calculate bills based on the rates and policies established by the Sewer Authority, maintaining billing, records, and mailing the bills printed on the drinking water bills.

Usage Fees

Bills are calculated based on the usage rate set by the Sewer Authority, $0.0298 per cubic foot (approximately 29.8 cents for 100 gallons) times the amount used plus a service fee based on the size of the water meter. The usage rate or cost to discharge a gallon of water is the same for all users, both residential and commercial. The difference between the types of accounts is in how the amount of water discharged is determined. The following examples are based on 2021 rates.

Minimum Requirement

Additionally, there is a minimum quarterly billing consumption of 400 cubic feet. Including the $25.29 service fee, the minimum sewer bill is $37.21 per quarter