Division Overview

The Sewer Division of the Water and Sewer Department is accounted for in the Sewer Operating and Assessment Fund and is charged with the operation and maintenance of the city’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The division provides sanitary sewer collection and treatment services to approximately 90% of the city’s populated area. The division operates and maintains an advanced wastewater reclamation plant with 10.75 MGD capacity, 15 pumping stations, 230 miles of sewer lines and 5,650 manholes.

Sewer Backup Prevention

What not to Flush

Explanation of Sewer Usage Billing


The division also provides administrative services, oversees sewer usage billing performed by the city’s Water Department and develops long term planning to assure the operation will meet the future needs of the community. In accordance with state and federal regulations, the division is required to maintain a Capital Reserve Fund adequately funded to meet the financial demands of all facility upgrades, modifications, and capital equipment replacement.


The division's staff of 23 employees provides an indispensable service to the citizens of Bristol. Of that number, 18 members of the staff are licensed by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection in the areas of wastewater treatment, collection system maintenance, and/or laboratory analysis. Each year approximately 3.3 billion gallons of sewage is treated, 1,800 tons of sludge is filtered from the sewage and is processed for disposal. The WPC staff conducts educational tours of the facility for local schools and clubs upon request.

Major Service-Level Accomplishments

  • The Division, through its Consultant, completed the a Sewer System Evaluation Study, a major field investigation of the sanitary sewer collection system of the sewer shed contributing to the Broad Street pumping station. The study investigated sewer sheds that have been identified as containing significant sources of clean water infiltration and inflow. This study has located line defects that have been developed in rehabilitation construction contracts.
  • The Division established an ongoing operation to air test and grout seal sanitary sewers throughout the City to reduce infiltration.
  • The Division has continued with component projects of the Forestville Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) Reduction Project. Work has included the installation of the 7,800 foot long relief forcemain and electromechanical renovations for its Broad Street pump station. Design work has begun to increase the capacity of the gravity sewers that carry flow to the upgraded pumping station. These projects will reduce SSO’s related to severe weather and greatly improve both infrastructure capacity and dependability.
  • Completed a Phosphorus reduction study to evaluate treatment options to upgrade the treatment facility to meet the coming DEP and EPA treatment standards. Upon DEEP approval of the Study the City will award a design contract to a consulting engineer firm.