K-9 Unit

Many police departments today have realized the value of police K-9 units and their ability to protect and assist officers. Bristol PD has been fortunate enough to utilize this resource in protecting the community. Presently, we have two German Shepherd K-9 teams, Officer Hogan and K9 Bronn and Officer McGrane and K9 Hunter working in the Patrol Division.  


As canines are notorious for their sense of smell and the speed at which they can run, they are a valuable asset in locating criminals and evidence in any setting. Though our dogs are friendly, they have undergone rigorous training that has elevated them into highly efficient police officers.

Should you meet one of our dogs and his handler on the street, please be sure to ask before approaching them. 

Canine teams are used for the following situations:hunter2 (2)

• Apprehend fleeing suspects
• Detect narcotics
• Locate discarded evidence
• Protect their handlers
• Search homes & buildings for suspects
• Track missing persons or criminal suspects

Hogan BronnDonations / Financial Support:

Donations can be made to help support the K-9 program. Donations can help defray the cost of medical bills, equipment, food, and for the future purchase of canines. Checks should be made out to the Bristol Police K9 Program and can be mailed to:

Bristol Police Department
Attention: Lisa Rosa
131 N. Main St.
Bristol, CT 06010