Collections Procedure

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  1. All accounts in arrears after the 30 day payment period will receive a "Second Notice" which will include the past due amount for the water and sewer bill plus penalty and !ien charges (if any).

  2. The "Second Notice" is a reminder bill that the account is delinquent.

  3. Approximately 30 days after the "Second Notice" is sent, if payment is still not received on the past due account, the customer will receive a "Termination Notice".

  4. The customer will have thirteen (13) days from the date of the "Termination Notice" to pay the delinquent account in its entirety or call our office and make arrangements for payment with the Collections Clerk.

  5. The "Termination Notice" will contain information on what a customer should do to prevent the possible termination of his/her water service. NO OTHER NOTIFICATION IS REQUIRED TO TERMINATE SERVICE , however, three to four days prior to the end of the thirteen day payment period a blue door hanger MAY be left at the service address. This is a reminder that payment on the account has not been received.