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Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

With the forecast calling for Winter to finally arrive, we would like to remind our customers to check their pipes and meters are protected from the cold.


Each Winter we get many calls for frozen pipes and when pipes freeze, the ice inside the pipes can expand, causing customers first to go without water and secondly causing pipes to burst.

Most times, customers do not know that a pipe has burst until the ice thaws and water then begins to leak. If not found, these leaks can flood houses causing severe damage.


We recommend that customers check for drafts around pipes and meters and verify that all areas with pipes have heat to them. Cabinets, closets and crawl spaces usually don't get the best heat, especially under stairs when doors are closed. A simple way to ensure these areas have adequate heat is to leave doors to these spaces open and clear out any boxes/etc. around the pipes. Many people like to lower their heat settings in basements to reduce heating costs, yet when the temperature dips below freezing, this can cause pipes to freeze.


There are many useful videos on the internet on how to best protect pipes from freezing and we recommend that anyone who would like more information of protecting their pipes check out internet sites such as: