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Flushing Notice

The Bristol Water and Sewer Department will be flushing hydrants in the following areas:

 Monday May 9, 2022 and Tuesday May 10, 2022


Farrell Avenue, Matthews Street, Terryville Avenue, West Street, North Main Street, Race Street, Meadow Street, Laurel Street, Burlington Avenue, Misset Street, Crescent Drive, Conlon Street; and


 Tuesday May 10, 2022, Wednesday May 11, 2022, Thursday May 12, 2022, and Friday May 13, 2022


Main Street, Riverside Avenue, Summer Street, Woodland Street, Newell Road, High Street, Blakeslee Street, and Brewster Road.


We will be flushing hydrants on these streets and the adjacent areas. Low pressure and discolored water is to be expected during flushing and for short periods afterwards. We recommend you refrain from washing clothes during this period.

 We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

The Bristol Water and Sewer Department