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Clearing Snow Around Fire Hydrants




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Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

*Protect your Pipes from Freezing*
With the forecasted cold weather coming today, we would like to remind all of our customers to check that the water meter in their property is protected from freezing. Make sure there are no drafts where cold air can cause the meter or your pipes to freeze. Always replace any missing or damaged insulation and if you do have a frozen pipe, never use an open flame to thaw the pipe.

For information on protecting your pipes and how to repair a ...frozen pipe, check internet sites such as:

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Medication Drop Box

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Telephone Scam

This morning a customer brought to our attention that he had been contacted by someone who claimed to be in the Cancellation Department representing the Water Department. The individual said the customer owed for a meter and needed to make a payment immediately or their service would be terminated.

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Warning - Suspected Imposters

Bristol - The Bristol Water Department is advising customers to be cautious of two individuals posing as water company employees in an attempt to enter residential homes.

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Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

Recent television and newspaper articles have raised concerns regarding pharmaceuticals in the wastewater stream and their impact on drinking water quality. Fortunately, Connecticut is only one of two states in the nation that prohibits discharges from wastewater treatment plants within public water supply watersheds.

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